Electric Golf Coming to U.S. in Late 2013, Says VW

VW Golf Electric © VW

Electric Golf Sounds Like a Weird Sport...

It seems only a matter of time before all major automakers have electric models in the pipeline. Germany's Volkswagen has just announced that they are throwing their hat in the commercial EV ring with an electric version of their best-selling Golf. It should arrive on the U.S. market in late 2013, marketed as a 2014 model.

VW Golf EV© VW

The battery electric Golf will be the company's first plug-in vehicle sold in the States, based on the all-new 2013 Volkswagen Golf that's likely to be launched formally at this fall's Paris Motor Show.

The 2014 Volkswagen Golf electric model will be rolled out regionally, with California almost surely at the top of the list of early states.

Ultimately, VW plans to put it on sale nationally, Browning said. (source)

This is good news. The more electric car models there are out there, the more engineers will be working on battery technology, the better the economies of scale will be, etc. All of this will help accelerate the electrification of transportation and move the transportation sector in the right direction (EVs are not a panacea, it's better to walk, bike, or take transit, but they are significantly better than what we have now).

Via Green Car Reports, ABG

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