Electric Grand Prix on Horizon: Formula E Readies for 2014 Championship

Formula E electric racecar© Formula E

E-Prix: Racing on Electrons

A company called Formula E Holdings is working hard to put together a F1-like championship, but with electric racecars. They've just ordered 42 electric Formula cars from Spark Racing Technology, which will make them in partnership with F1 legend McLaren. The goal is to have the inaugural championship in 2014 with 10 urban races.

The objective is not only to go fast, quicken the pulse of spectators, and spray winners with Champagne, but also to demonstrate that electric cars are "fast, reliable and safe." In the words of Michael Agag, CEO of Formula E Holdings: "Our mission is to establish electric cars as a real option for people’s daily lives, one that will make our cities cleaner and more liveable."

They have a video trailer, which is a bit cheesy, but does show a prototype EV racer in action:

"Formula E has declared itself as an ‘open’ championship. It has been working to encourage other car designers and constructors to build a Formula E car. The FIA technical regulations, to be published soon for the Championship, will ultimately set the framework for making such submissions possible."

It's early days, but it's an interesting project. If it works, it could be great publicity for EV technology and provide a nice R&D boost that could trickle down to more mainstream vehicles.

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