Electric Delivery Vans Receive Major Boost from UK Government

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When Robert Llewellyn test drove the Ford Transit Connect EV delivery van, I suggested that urban business vehicles like this might be the perfect application for early electric vehicle technology. In fact many businesses like ">UK retailer Tesco are already deploying EV delivery vans.

From improved city air quality to the fact that fixed delivery routes eliminate range anxiety, there is a strong case to be made for electrifying urban business fleets first. So it's good news that Business Green reports on the British Government announcing that eleven electric delivery vehicles will be eligible for a plug-in electric grant of £8,000 (about US$12,000):

To qualify for the scheme models must emit less than 75g/km CO2, be capable of travelling at least 60 miles between charges – or 10 miles in electric mode for hybrid vans – reach speeds of more than 50mph, and meet European safety standards.

As well as benefiting from reduced refuelling costs, electric vans are exempt from company car tax, attract capital allowance concessions, and receive a 100 per cent discount for the congestion charge in the London, making them an attractive choice for many businesses' fleets. A report released today by The Climate Group in collaboration with the Energy Saving Trust and Cenex finds that, when used for the right tasks, electric vehicle's save businesses £700 per vehicle per year compared to diesel alternatives.

Head over to Business Green for the full scoop on the electric van grant scheme

Electric Delivery Vans Receive Major Boost from UK Government
Electric delivery vehicles can save businesses a lot of money on fuel costs. Now a government scheme hopes to help with the up front investment.

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