Electric Cyclery's Machine X (and other treats)

We will inform you that the Machine X range of electric bicycles using the 500W electric motor and 9 speed gears can cruise at up to 30mph (48kph), while weighing in at under 50 lbs (23kg). And they reckon it’s a real tough cookie. But in truth we are just using the X as a segue, for referencing Electric Cyclery’s wide range of electric transport. They also offer the i-OX 750W cruiser style bike that harnesses regenerative braking power via the ’Wavecrest Tidalforce’. This adaptive motor system (as used on bikes) houses a battery in one hub and a motor is the other. One of the models employing this is an electric version of the folding mountain bike, the Paratrooper from Montague, which we mentioned way back here. And should you be looking for less practical, but still intriguing, modes of transport take a peek at their offerings in electric scooters and skateboards. Go check ‘em all out at ::Electric Cyclery