Electric Cars for All: REVA and GM India to Join Forces


Image credit: Reva India

The flagship REVA electric vehicle (marketed as the G-Wiz in the UK) may have drawn scorn from some circles, most notably Jeremy Clarkson of BBC's Top Gear, but this plucky EV has also been hugely popular in cities like London. The company is now stepping up its offerings in a big way. Having just launched two new electric cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and not too long since REVA announced securing $20m in funding, their latest announcement is bound to signal the company moving firmly into the mainstream of motoring. GM India and REVA have entered into collaboration agreement to develop electric vehicles for the Indian market.Details of the move are still somewhat sketchy, but it seems the two companies will be exploring feasibility of adapting existing GM platforms to work with REVA's electric drive-trains and control systems. Karl Slym, President and Managing Director of GM India had this to say:

"We are pleased to join hands with REVA to bring affordable small car platform based electric vehicles to the market in line with government objectives to reduce fossil fuel dependence. GM's ability to develop platforms and REVA's capability in developing electric drive-trains and control systems will result in, the consumer having a wider choice of EVs. We are going to be working closely with the Central and State Governments in India to develop infrastructure for electric vehicle charging and providing specific financial benefits to consumers, who make the choice to adopt an environment-friendly mode of personal transport."

It's good to see talk of collaboration on the government level too. If India's growing economy can be harnessed to set up a truly reliable electric vehicle infrastructure, this could be a model for the world to follow closely.

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