Electric Cars Are For Girls


Designed as a resource for information and a source of inspiration, Electric Cars Are For Girls is the brainchild of Lynne Mason, who was inspired to action by her two year-old son, Gavin. She began to wonder "What will the world look like when he's my age?", and wanted to do something to insure that the world wouldn't be smog-choked and globally-warmed by the time young Gavin started to have children of his own. The result is this site: part history lesson, part progressive marketing project committed to making electric cars more accessible for everyone, especially those who might be more concerned with assuaging their guilt for running gasoline-powered errands to daycare, soccer practice, school and work than breathtaking 0-60 times. Just as TreeHugger exists to showcase all the ways that being green can be cool, hip, fun & sexy, Electric Cars Are For Girls is an informative, enlightening, empowering, not overly serious and even (dare we say) cute way to get in to electric vehicles, and don't let the name fool you: there's something for all but the most committed electric-car enthusiast at the site. Sign up for the newsletter to learn more and stay informed about how to plug in and stop being pinned to the pump. ::Electric Cars Are For Girls via ::Hugg (nUkeSLaYer)

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