Electric cars are dirty!

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Video screen capture Fully Charged

For most of us Brits, Robert Llewellyn is somewhat of a comedy legend. He's also made a name for himself recently as a passionate advocate for clean energy and electrified transportation.

Sometimes, he combines those two roles into one.

That's the case with one of his latest missives, in which he offers an irreverent, silent take down of the pervasive myth that electric cars just shift pollution from the tail pipe to the power plant. Using figures from the Union of Concerned Scientists, he argues—or rather twists his face into odd expressions as the video text argues—that even when electric cars are powered entirely by coal (which they never are), they still end up cleaner than a comparable gas-burning vehicle.

His numbers do appear a little on the optimistic side. But most analysis I have read does suggest electric cars are typically greener than gas burners over their entire lifecycle. And, of course, electric cars just keep getting greener as coal goes out of fashion and renewables surge.

Electric cars are dirty!
Robert Llewellyn offers a silent, irreverent take down of a pervasive myth.

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