Electric Cars: A Definitive Guide from HybridCars

Dodge Circuit electric car photo

Image credit: HybridCars
Definitive Guide to Electric Vehicles - Past and Present
As a rule, TreeHugger likes to pride itself as a go-to resource on all things green, including electric cars. Mike's round up of 17 electric cars you must know about, or his slideshow of 23 electric cars that are driving the revolution are both great resources for anyone wanting to explore the widening range of new, efficient electric vehicles that are beginning to emerge. But we're not the only ones with this obsession - Brett over at HybridCars has created what looks like being a definitive guide to all major electric cars that are currently available or in the works, and even most of the rare and discontinued models too. But he needs your help to keep it updated.
Brett's guide offers an overview in four categories - up and coming electric cars; limited run electric cars; low-speed and three wheel electric cars; and discontinued and rare electric cars. The guide includes an image with each vehicle, and a quick run down of performance statistics, costs, availability - and often a frank assessment of any drawbacks. Let's take Brett's overview of the Chinese-made Flybo as an example:

The electric Chinese Smart Car knock-off, measuring just 102.3 inches long on a 71-inch wheelbase, has a reported top speed of 45 mph and a range of 70 miles. Articles on the web say that this neighborhood electric vehicle comes up short on build quality, and is not recommended for winter use. The rear-wheel-drive Flybo, primarily marketed towards gated communities, has a price tag around $10,000.

Brett says he's going to be updating the guide regularly - so head on over to HybridCars and let him know if there are any vehicles he's missed. This looks like it will be a great resource for all of us.

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