Oh boy! Electric car owner spent night in jail, charged with stealing 5 cents of electricity (video)

5 cents and Nissan Leaf electric car photo
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Why can't we just get along?

Kaveh Kamooneh committed the crime of plugging in Nissan LEAF electric car into an electrical outlet outside of Chamblee Middle School, waiting for his 11-year-old to finish playing tennis (or, according to the police's version, he was playing tennis himself). The school immediately dialed 911 to reach the cops - rather than talk to Mr. Kamooneh - and within minutes an officer was there, writing charges for theft of electricity. Back-of-the-envelope math puts the amount stolen at about 5 cents... The police report was filed and 11 days later, two deputies showed up at his house and arrested him.

Records show Kamooneh spent more than 15 hours in the DeKalb County Jail for plugging his electric car into the school's electrical outlet.

Now, people shouldn't plug their electric cars somewhere they don't have permission. That was a mistake. But is all this really necessary? Is this a good way to deal with it? A good use of police resources? I'm not so sure...

Mr. Kamooneh makes the argument that he was treated unfairly, and that not all "taking without consent" is considered theft by the very same police department that arrested him. People constantly plug their laptops and cell phones in publicly accessible electrical outlets, they drink water from spigots, etc. Usually taking a few cents of stuff that is publicly accessible doesn't result in someone spending the night in jail.

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