Electric Car Goes 1,000 Miles on a Single Charge, Breaks World Record


Images: Team Schluckspecht
Range anxiety. If you ever find yourself talking electric cars with an EV hater, it's inevitable you'll hear the term. And yes, it's kinda true -- at this juncture in time, you will not be able to drive an electric car in exactly the same way you drove your gas guzzler -- in most places round the U.S., you'll have to plan on getting home in order to charge it up. So yes, this requires a minor change in the way that you think about your car and your driving behavior.

But what if you could go 1,000 miles on a single charge -- would that clear up some of your 'range anxiety'? I should hope so. And such a feat may be closer to reality than we'd thought -- researchers have indeed just successfully driven the first electric car 1,000 miles on just one charge.


Here's Gas 2.0:

the record for longest drive ever in a battery-powered vehicle (no recharge) was broken last weekend by a new, experimental electric vehicle called "Schluckspecht" ("heavy drinker" in colloquial German). Developed at the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, the car - which is not pretty - does a solid Energizer bunny routine, going and going and going for 1631.5km (1013.77 miles) without needing to recharge the battery.

The test drive took place in Boxberg at the Bosch corporate test track, where a team of four drivers made the record run alongside a camera-equipped pace car. The 36 hour and 12 minute drive (which didn't exactly break any EV speed records) was also monitored by European testing agents from TÜV Süd.


Okay, so there are a heap of things that set this car apart from one that any average consumer would snap up: It has no interior engine, it's super-lightweight and all but barren inside, and it topped out at about 28 miles per hour.

But it was never intended as a consumer vehicle, of course. And the new record has some pretty profound implications for the EV industry, and the fact that it did 1,000 miles on a single charge should give the car-buying public a good sense of what's quickly becoming possible in electrified vehicles.

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