Electric car drivers: Do you lend out your car?

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I'm an Englishman married to an American. Consequently, I have a pretty horrible carbon footprint. however much I compost, walk, work from home or replace my lightbulbs, when I jet off to see my mum (and drink some delicious warm, flat beer), my conscience suffers a little tweak of guilt.

That said, I've always tried to repair some of the damage: making donations to a green charity, purchasing carbon offsets, shifting some of my savings to a community wind farm etc. Now I have another way to counteract at least a small portion of my emissions:

When I head overseas for any significant length of time, I'm going to hand off my Nissan Leaf to someone with a gas car. True, it would take an awful lot of road miles to make up for just one cross-Atlantic trip, especially for a family of four. But it saves the car just sitting in the driveway, and it also serves as an opportunity for someone else to try gas-free driving and see if it fits with their lifestyle.

This time around, the friend who is borrowing it is pretty much a Tesla fanboy (he once flagged down a Tesla so he could demand a test ride). So not entirely sure that I am winning new converts. But still, it's nice to know that my Leaf is in service, a little less gas is being pumped, and a future EV owner gets to see if range anxiety really is a thing for them.

In my experience, the current crop of EV owners seem more than willing to show off their vehicles—I've heard of many a Tesla owner who is delighted take strangers for a spin and even let them get behind the wheel. What other luxury sports car could you say the same thing about?

Electric car drivers: Do you lend out your car?
I'm off overseas on my vacation. But my car is still cutting emissions.

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