Electric Car Dealership Expands Product Range


'The G-Wiz is quite simply the best city car I have ever owned. Fun to drive, reliable, fits into any parking space and with practically no running costs for either the environment or my bank balance what more could one want?' - Kathy Panama, London NW3

If their customer testimonials are anything to go by, Going Green, London's "low carbon car specialists" are going from strength to strength. They have already sold over 500 electric G-Wiz cars to Londoners wishing to avoid the congestion charge, and they are now expanding their product range. First of the new offerings is an improved version of the G-Wiz with an AC drive which boasts a longer range and slightly more power than its DC drive predecessor. For those city-dwellers not yet ready to make the switch to electric, the company is now also offering congestion charge exempt Liquid Petroleum Gas conversions of the Smart ForTwo. Finally, the company will also soon be offering plug-in conversions of the Prius - technology which should also be hitting the city streets in the form of taxis very shortly. These product developments have also been accompanied by a funky-looking update of the company's website including an online ordering facility.All of this means that Going Green is beginning to look like a serious player in London's car retail sector. However, the company doesn't seem content to stop there. Looking in more detail at the website, it appears they have intentions to start spreading the word about low-carbon motoring across the UK. Let's hope that the rest of the industry takes note. [Written by: Sami Grover]