Electric Car Advocates Angered by BBC "Stunt"

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Top Gear's Tesla review isn't the only piece of BBC reporting that has annoyed green transport enthusiasts. Business Green reports that electric car advocates in the UK are up in arms over a BBC's experiment on the viability of electric cars. Rather than testing the vehicles in the conditions and purposes they were designed for (short- to medium-distance urban and suburban journeys), reporter Brian Milligan decided to drive a Mini-E from London to Edinburgh using only public charging stations. The result, of course, was much talk about range anxiety, and not even a mention of how much cheaper the journey was by EV than if he had used a gas car. Meanwhile Ben Lane, director of the Next Green Car website, argued that "while EVs do not suit all journeys, recent trials have shown that they are ideal for regular city trips and commuting. No one is suggesting that they are the vehicle of choice for crossing the country or for trips more than 100 miles."

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