Electric 1972 Datsun Coupe: the World's Fastest Emission Free Car? (Video)

electric datsun coupe worlds fastest car photo

Photo via of Plasma Boy Racing

The White Zombie is a 1972 Datsun 1200 that's been modified to be 100 percent electric. It's boxy, it's small, and aside from a couple slogans, it's got a bland white paint job. It's entirely street legal. And it's one of the fastest cars in the world.In the burgeoning world of electric drag racing, the White Zombie is something of a legend. Its owner, John Wayland, enters the Zombie in regular drag racing competition, then steers it to victory against souped-up, non-electric Ferraris, Corvettes, and BMWs—with ease. And as he does, he shatters world record after world record.

That's right, this little coupe is on the record doing a quarter mile in 11.46 seconds, reaching speeds of 114 miles per hour—a world record. Wayland alternates lead and lithium ion batteries for his power supply, depending on the race. He then plugs in right at the raceway for 12-20 minutes before he's due at the starting line.

Electric motors produce full torque from the instant they start running, giving them an initial advantage over their fossil fueled foes. Check out this amazing video from Oregon Field Guide to see footage of the Zombie in action. Looks like the future of racing is green indeed.

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