Edison Destiny is building yesterday's future tomorrow (huh?)

Edison Destiny

A new electric car is apparently launching soon, starting with an assault on the english language; I am still trying to wrap my brain around "Building yesterday's future tomorrow." Buried in the Edison Destiny's site HTML there is a further teaser, "Electricity, connectivity, mobility. The dreams of yesterday become today’s future. Harnessing innovation isn’t just inevitable, it’s our destiny." My brain is now fried.

edison with carThomas Edison with electric car/Public Domain

Because it is true that in our yesterdays Edison made electric cars that were the future tomorrow.

batteryEdison Battery/Public Domain

And like our future today, it's all about the battery tomorrow.

Edison Bailey carEdison with Bailey Car/Public Domain

Edison once said "Its obvious that we don't know one millionth of one percent about anything. " We certainly don't know one millionth of one percent about the Edison Destiny, other than it has a terrible name. Really, just because Musk named his car after Tesla, these guys have to name it after Edison? Can they even do this when GE, which started as Edison Electric, probably still owns it?

Digital Trends, which seems to have discovered this thing, wonders what under the hood:

Could it be increased range? A new battery design? Retractable wings or cotton candy emissions? Is it a coincidence that we’re just hearing about the company on the eve of the New York Auto Show?

Who knows whether it is something real or vaporware, or whether we are finding out yesterday, tomorrow or days of future past. In the meantime I will listen to the Moody Blues, who probably own their slogan.

Edison Destiny is building yesterday's future tomorrow (huh?)
We think there is a new electric car coming down the road.

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