Ecotricity's Nemesis Breaks UK Electric Car Land Speed Record with 148.7 MPH

Ecotricity Nemesis Electric Car© Ecotricity


Ecotricity is a bit behind Tesla Motors in turning a modified Lotus into an electric speed-demon, but the Nemesis (that's what they call it) is still very cool, and very fast. Quick enough, in fact, to break the UK's electric land speed record!

Ecotricity Nemesis Electric Car© Ecotricity

"The previous record, of 137mph, was set by the grandson of racing legend Sir Malcolm Campbell, Don Wales, driving a Bluebird Electric in 2000. Wales attempted to break his own record in August 2011 but failed after the car hit a pothole on a beach in Wales."

But on the morning of September 27th, the Nemesis reached 148.7 MPH near York, convincingly breaking the previous record. Kudos to the Ecotricity team!

The BBC has a video of it here.

Via BBC, Guardian

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