Ecotricity CEO's Electric Car Is "Not Another Tesla"

There have been rumors circulating for a while that Dale Vince, CEO of UK wind energy pioneers Ecotricity, is working on an electric sports car to rival the Tesla. Now we hear a little more via his new Zerocarbonista blog, and it looks like the project is well underway (the video above is a teaser in the hope to get TV companies interested in covering the escapade):
" a car to smash the stereotype of looking like something Noddy would drive. An out and out sports car. Capable of 0 to 60 faster than a V12 Ferrari, able to top 100 mph for sure — and do 150 miles on one 'tank'. All with zero emissions. Cake and eat it. Petrol head meets zerocarbonista. We're making this car with technology available in the world today. Throwing down the gauntlet to the big car companies. If we can do it — why (the hell) can't you? Work is underway, I expect this car on the road for the summer."

So far there is little to indicate that Vince is planning to roll this out into mass production any time soon, but we still welcome any project that demonstrates the feasibility of zero emissions vehicles. And as we saw in our own interview with him, Vince is not only an advocate of sustainable technology — he is also willing to call BS when he sees it. So it's no surprise that when commenters started drawing parallels with the Tesla, Vince didn't hold back with his views on the famous bright young hope of the EV world:

"Behind the PR - $150 Million spent so far, running 2 years late, only one car just delivered to the CEO - and this with the 'gearbox problem'. New plan is to fix this later. Performance will drop. But we knew that, because the numbers don't add up anyway. Do we want to make another Tesla, no we don't. But we share similar goals."
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