Ecomobile: Green with Lead in its Blood


Okay, here's the deal. I've been holding out on you. If you're like me, you don't have 80+ G's to drop on a fun ride. Especially if the kids and the dog don't even fit in it (kind of rules out the whole "you can live in your car, but you can't drive a house" logic). How can I torture you with something this cool that you just can't afford? But now that most of us can look forward to the affordable CLEVER covered yesterday, I'm just gonna throw the Ecomobile out there for those of you willing to tap your retirement savings (this is a good investment right?) because you just can't wait. The Ecomobile is the brainchild of former airline pilot Arnold Wagner. He took the old idea of an enclosed motorcycle and applied his aviation expertise and glider manufacturing facilities to develop the Ecomobile. In the last twenty years, he has built and sold over a hundred of the fuel-efficient road rockets.

The use of extremely light materials such as Kevlar for the housing keeps efficiency high. The aerodynamics of a high performance aircraft and the power of the BMW K1200RS engine ensure a fun ride. And the full enclosure provides safety and comfort, as well as noise damping, so your roadtrip CD (, ah...I mean stimulating conversation with your spouse) rounds out the pleasure. The real break-through though, is achieving stability on two wheels when you can't put your feet down. The trick is the "training wheels" that automatically deploy at low speeds and retract upon acceleration.

The Ecomobile does require a motorcycle license, but no helmet. They are now approved and distributed in the USA in addition to the original Swiss headquarters for European sales. And a hand-operated version with special door geometry and wheel-chair stowage is available for drivers with special needs.