Ecolimo: Green Luxury


Wanna impress your environmentally attuned hottie on some romantic evening? Gee, tonight maybe. Well, if you live in Melbourne, Australia, you might choose to book an Ecolimo. The company is touting themselves as Australia's first environmentally friendly Limousine company, and don't expect they have been stampeded by many others arguing the toss to this claim. So how does a limo get to be 'eco'? In this case it's not long and white, simply silver and expensive: a fleet of the Lexus GS450h. This hybrid is a 3.5-litre V6, with two electric motors providing 147kW. Fuel economy is listed as 7.9 litres/100km which allowed it to pick up a 4.5 start rating from the Australian Government's Green Vehicle Guide. Launched in December last year the company reckon they will compete well with other hire car companies not so enviro-minded ($55 AUD from City CBD to the Airport). Reminds one of the classic song "Green Limousine" by Aussie band, the Badloves, which begins with the words: Listen to the sound of the revolution .... ::Ecolimo, via Environmental Jobs, of all places.

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