Ecoigo - Another Smooth Green Ride in London


We mentioned recently that with the launch of the Climatecars the competition for green cab services in London was heating up nicely. Well it turns out to be hotter than we thought! The people over at the eco-executive car company Ecoigo were rather surprised not to be included in our list, with Green Tomato Cars and Radio Taxis, as being in the business of ferrying people around the UK capital in a rather more environmentally conscious way than your average mini cab firm. As well they might be since the Ecoigo fleet of hybrid cabs have been in service since last November. They too offer competitive prices, Belu water and a range of magazines, including the Ecologist and New Consumer with each journey, they even have Seventh Generation tissues! In a business where the cars are more or less the same, the competitive edge can be found in the number of eco-products on offer in the car. The way these cab companies offset their emissions might also be seen as a distinguishing factor. Ecoigo offset with The World Land Trust, which we mentioned for their convenient texting service. Ecoigo have chosen them because, "Their offsets are measureable, verifiable, open to independent scrutiny, based on the best available science and conform to the Kyoto Protocols." Jonathan Broom of Ecoigo says of the growing number of green cabs in London, "With regards to the competition from other eco car firms, it is our belief that it is all beneficial; it creates a greater market, it puts pressure on other car firms to bear in mind the environment and gives clients an opportunity to make a conscious decision to consider the environment when looking for a transport provider." We couldn't agree more and encourage you to try all the services and let us know what you think. :: Ecoigo

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