EcoCab Offers Toronto Green Short-Distance Transportation

EcoCab in Toronto photo

EcoCabs has just arrived in Toronto, Canada. The 3-wheel vehicles are powered mostly by the driver's legs, but there's also an electric-motor assist to help them reach a cruising speed of up to 12 kph (7.5 mph) in city streets. Perfect for short distance trips, especially if you are a tourist (free rides will be offered during summer street festivals and special events), EcoCab claims to exceed the road safety standards that apply to it. "They will ride in the right-most lane and in bike lanes, where the average speed of traffic is 6 km per hour," says Will Kozma, president of GO Mobile Media, the company that sells advertising on the ad-supported cabs.

EcoCab in Toronto photo

There are 28 EcoCabs in the fleet, which will offer residents and tourists short-distance, emission-free transportation between office buildings, transit stations, shopping areas, restaurants and entertainment attractions.

EcoCabs might be coming to Vancouver and Montreal next.

::EcoCab Comes to Toronto (Photos by Roger Cullman.)

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