Eco Touch: Waterless Carwash

Eco Touch is providing an old product to a new market. While waterless car washing products have been available for over a decade, demand for them in America has been slight. While similar products have taken off in areas with strict water regulations like the UK and Australia, America has been slow on the uptake.

Eco Touch is hoping that waterless car washing systems will ride into America with the latest wave of environmental concern. The Eco Touch waterless car care system is cheap, easy and contains no petro-chemicals. Each bottle can wash dozens of cars to near-show-room shine and will thus save thousands of gallons of water while keeping the toxic grime from your car out of lakes and rivers.

For an extra five dollars, you can buy five re-usable micro-fiber towels, and if you're not sure if you trust the system, you can get a free sample bottle from for just the cost of shipping.

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