Eco Taxis for Tourists in the Streets of Spain

You remember our last week featured Velotaxi , right? Well, advertising firm Freshh Communications is providing fifty of velotaxi-like tricycles for tourists to travel through the streets of Valencia -Spain- for free. We don't know for sure if they'll be from the same firm that created them back in Berlin, but they're pretty much the same vehicles. The catch is that tricycles will have advertisements on its bodywork, which will support the program, called "Valencia Trike Project". As we previously explained, tricycles run on pedals, like a bike, but have also an electric engine.
A similar initiative, also for tourists, was announced also in Valencia by another enterprise, but with Smart cars for rent at one euro. So there you have it: advertisers have their announcements running through the city, tourists get their free site seeing, and the environment isn't annoyed, what a nice solution. They're supposed to be in the streets next Spain's summer. Wish you were there? [by Paula Alvarado, from Buenos Aires]::Freshh