Eco-Friendly Car Insurance

You can now drive and insure your car with a good conscience. Ecoinsurance is the UK's first car insurance that claims to offset some of a car’s CO2 emissions at no cost to the customer. They will do this by contributing to projects like reforestation, renewable energy sources and third world education schemes. There is an extra 10% discount on insurance for those with hybrid cars. You can calculate just how bad your car is for the environment with a handy little chart. The results are shocking—a Land Rover emits 12.53 CO2 tons annually and 1,837 pine trees are needed to absorb those emissions. Just to drive home the point, a chart graphically depicts those trees--it takes a lot of scrolling down to see them all. They are also providing an eco-friendly repair network. Their appointed mechanics recycle materials like used oil and old bumpers. The policy is sold by Co-operative Insurance, which is associated with the Co-operative Bank ( see Treehugger), and like the Bank, they have an Ethical Engagement Policy to guide the social, ethical and environmental aspects of their investments which includes human rights, sustainability and labour rights. :: Ecoinsurance