Eco-car — Recharge your car


After our post last monday about the Geegoot solar powered ice cream van we have gone and found another Spanish eco-vehicle for you. Or rather several: Bicycles, mopeds, buggies, mini buses and vans are all motoring along on electricity instead of petrol. Yeah yeah I hear you say, but electricity uses up energy too! Well these vehicles can be recharged using solar power so how about that?! On the Eco-car website they state some irrefutable points on the ecological positives of driving electric.These modes of transport are almost silent therefore reducing noise pollution as well as exhaust pollution. The price per kilometre is 6 times less than that of petrol or diesel. When you are standing at traffic lights these vehicles don’t consume any energy, so no need to argue about whether its more or less efficient to turn the engine off and on at traffic lights. And did I mention that they can be recharged by solar power? Oh yes, yes I did! To be honest these little get-abouts aren’t really designed for the open road, but they do make it up to 50 Km per hour which is perfectly respectable for getting around town. Eco-car are based in Barcelona and are part of the Elektron Group. For more information on electric powered vehicles and hybrid engines please do a Treehugger search to find more articles about this subject. ::Eco-car [Leonora & Petz]