eBay is giving away a Tesla Model S on May 27th

Tesla Model S
© Tesla

You'd like to drive an all-electric Tesla Model S but don't have the fortitude of wallet required to afford one? Your best bet is probably to wait a few years for the next generation of Teslas to come out at a much lower price... But if you're feeling impatient and particularly lucky, you can drop your name into the eBay Garage hat for a chance to win a Model S electric car gratis*. You have until May 16 to enter the sweepstakes which only requires that you sign up for an ebay Garage account (not purchases required). To be eligible, you must be a legal resident of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia and be at least 18 years of age with valid insurance and a valid driver’s license. On top of the grand prize, there will also be ten $100 eBay Gift cards (better than nothing...).

Winners will be selected in a random drawing on May 27, 2014, from among all eligible entries received.

Tesla Model S electric car© Tesla Motors
*Of course you always have to read the fine print. eBay Garage isn't paying for registration fees and taxes. Because winnings are usually taxed as ordinary income, the tax bill could be significant (ie. 30% of a $100k EV...). Maybe the winner could take a loan for the tax bill and consider payments on that loan to be 'car payments'; that should still be a smaller sum than buying a Model S. Or maybe the winner will have to sell the Model S to pay the tax bill, but that should still leave behind quite a nice sum (enough to buy Tesla's cheaper next generation EV in a few years, maybe).

Via eBay Motors Blog, Cleantechnica

eBay is giving away a Tesla Model S on May 27th
Want to drive an all-electric Tesla but can't afford one? This might be your ticket, at least until cheaper Teslas are on the market.

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