Eating In Your Car Can Give You Food Poisoning

car eating food poisoning

Landes in D.C.

Another reason to take the train: It has long been known that eating while driving can kill you by increasing the risk of accidents; now a new study shows that it can increase the risk of food poisoning. Dr. Anthony Hilton of Aston University said in the Daily Mail: "People would be horrified at the prospect of eating from a toilet seat however they ought to be aware that eating from a contaminated car dashboard may represent the same health hazards"

According to the Daily Mail,

Tests were carried out on car door handles, the steering wheel, gear stick knob, radio control buttons, under the seats and n car mats where shopping could be placed. The resulting sobs were analysed by an independent laboratory. Staphylococcus was detected on the door, steering wheel and under the seats. Bacillus cereus which is found in soil and dust and was probably brought into the vehicle on the shoes of car occupants and the paws of pets was on the door handles, gear stick, car mats and also under the seats.

Dr. Hilton concluded that "Those who eat in their cars should treat it as an extension of their home and maintain the same levels of hygiene as they would in their dining room."

Interesting point. Perhaps car manufacturers should design cars so that actually they can be cleaned, instead of permanently attaching carpets and seat covers.

Via Autoblog.

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