Easy Glider: Born to Be Wild?


While this electric scooter doesn't exactly conjure thoughts of counterculture bikers in the late '60's and probably won't inspire a Steppenwolf reuinion, the Easy Glider does have it's merits for anyone not interested in the blood, sweat and tears required for transportation by foot, bicycle or even dog power. A 380-watt motor is attached to the big wheel and tows its rider along with the quiet, emission-free, backfire-proof power of electricity (which is where the "glide" part comes in), and the motor recharges itself while cruising down hills. The footbridge is detachable, which we guess is good news for skateboard and rollerblade enthusiasts looking for a ride. Easy-gliding doesn't come cheap; models range from $1,025 to $1,315 US, so we may have to stick with our trusty bicycles, though the guy in the picture looks like he's having so much fun, it's hard to resist. Made in Switzerland. ::Easy Glider via ::Engadget