Earthflyer Wind-powered skateboard

Give a German a skateboard and some kitesurfing gear and what will he do? Fly unsupported, up the middle of the Australian outback, coast to coast, covering 3,000 km (~1,900 miles) in a mere 17 days. Dirk Gion was pulled over by the police on a couple of occasions. Well, if you heard of a skateboarder managing up to 300 km per day, you'd be suspicious too. But he is undeterred and now wants to take his special board around the world. It is 130 cm (4.3 ft) long with 4 pneumatic tires and brakes. Given that his various kites can see him reach 50 kph (31 mph) you can see why brakes might be useful. He is now working on a idea for kite-powered boat. Have wind—will travel. Saves drilling in Arctic Wildlife Refuges, that's for sure. ::EarthFlyer [by WM]


From his site: "Dirk Gion has begun his sportive discovery trips early: Already at 19 he crossed Germany and France on horseback. Prior to an adventurous journey through the Rocky Mountains, he circled Australia with a motor cross bike in 1988." TreeHugger loves nuts.