Dynamic 'shaft drive' Tempo Bicycle

What at first looks just like a bicycle is something less. Because if you peek closely enough, you’ll see it doesn’t have a chain! And not only that, there is no exposed cluster of gear teeth just waiting to snag your skirt. Or one of those low hanging, notoriously delicate, gear-changing derailleur thingy. Unlike the iXi Bike, which uses a drive belt to replace the chain, these Dynamic brand bikes have an enclosed ‘shaft drive’ that engages a rear internal gearing hub. If all those sort-of techy words have you reaching for your medication, relax. They simply mean less grease, less damaged clothing and (hoorah!) less maintenance. Whoops, could it be that many of your justifications for not riding a bike just vanished? While not made of funky bamboo, like the Biolove, that also has a shaft drive, the 6 models of Dynamic do come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try it for 30 days and send it back for a refund, if not convinced. Mountain bikes also available. The Tempo ‘comfort’ bike shown here is $460 USD. Via Noviglob, ::Dynamic Bicycles [by WM]