Driving lessons: How not to use a roundabout (and the best ad for a self-driving car)

flying car
Video screen capture via telegraph

Roundabouts are becoming more and more popular in North America because they are evidently far safer than signed or stop lit intersections; Jeff Shaw of the Federal Highways Agency told the Guardian:

He cites research suggesting that severe crashes – those that result in injury or loss of life, through T-bones caused by cars running red lights – are reduced by 80% when you replace intersections by roundabouts. β€œThe slower speed and angle at which cars approach roundabouts has a profound impact on the severity of any collision that might occur.”

They also save fuel used starting and stopping and electricity running lights and signals. But they can be problematic if you are not paying attention; this video of a driver in Romania has been making the rounds:


The Telegraph reports that a 22 year old driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel but faces charges for damaging the roundabout.

Seriously, if there is ever an advertisement for autonomous vehicles, this should be in it.

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