Driver Abducts Child Who Threw Flowers at His Porsche

dandelions in hand
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Two eight-year-old boys had quite a scare after the driver of a Porsche became enraged that the youths had thrown flowers at his car in Germany yesterday. A bus driver who was witness to the scene says the man then grabbed one of the boys, armed with dandelions, and forced him into his fancy vehicle, apparently in retaliation for what he saw as a dangerous joke. Eventually, he drove the child to a police station, just as a manhunt was being organized. But instead of the young flower-thrower being brought to justice, it was the angry driver arrested--for false imprisonment.According to the German paper The Local, the incident occurred in the town of Hittfeld, just south of Hamburg. Police say that the driver, a 47-year-old man, was driving down the street in the luxury vehicle when the two young friends threw dandelions at his car.

Police spokesperson Jan Krüger released this statement, saying the boy was now safe, but "totally terrified":

Out of rage over this 'dangerous joke' the man quickly stopped and dragged one of the boys in his car to bring him to the police. He only realized later just how badly he scared both eight-year-olds.

The police have begun a criminal proceedings to prosecute the driver for falsely imprisoning the flower-throwing child.

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