Drive-Throughs Come to the Ferris Wheel

ferris-wheel for cars photo

Amusement parks are sick, but they are just not efficient, like you have to drive around to find a spot and park your car and then walk everywhere. I mean, they have figured out food and money with drive-throughs, man can drive on the moon, why can't they solve amusement parks? Wait- it seems that they have.

wheel closup photo

Dutch artist John K├Ârmeling has built a 100 foot diameter wheel that can take four cars on a trip.

wheel at night photo

Never again will you have to stand in long lines in the sun; now you can relax in the comfort of your car with the air cranked up while you wait your turn.

lineup cars photo

That's progress! Drive in Wheel via Next Nature

roller-coaster japan photo

And if you don't like cars, you can always go to Japan and amuse yourself on a bike-powered roller coaster.

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