"Drive-Aid": Artists and Musicians Throw Concert to Save.... Parking Spaces?


The Mayor of Toronto, David Miller, just announced he is not running for re-election; really, you can't blame him, this place is impossible. Musicians and activists usually turn out her to stop expressways, demand bike lanes, improve transit. But the other night they all got together for a benefit to save parking spaces.

It seems that the local councillor got parking permitted in rush hour in a few years ago, but that they are seriously slowing down the streetcars. He is quoted in the Globe and Mail:


Toronto Transit Commission

"We're balancing off the needs of the businesses and the residents," [Councillor] Mr. Giambrone said. "This plan protects most of the parking, it creates alternatives, moves car traffic and streetcar traffic faster, and it ... continues to promote a vibrant commercial strip."

Tell that to the club manager.
"This is the straw that will break the camel's back," added [Lula Lounge] general manager - and cyclist - Tracy Jenkins.

Or the owner of the or local organic food store.
"As independent small business owners, we depend on the city to support us," said Nupur Gogia, who opened her Multiple Organics grocery store in June, 2008. She said on-street parking was a key consideration when she set up shop in the neighbourhood. "It helps us promote our business, it helps us make our business accessible," she said.

I am amazed anyone had the nerve to show up at this concert, a fight to preserve the right of a few people to drive up and park right in front of the store or lounge rather than walk a block or two. A concert in favour of the convenience of a few drivers over the thousands who take transit on one of the busiest lines in the city. Only in Toronto.

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