Dragster Powered By Six Circular Saws Wins Power Tool Drag Race


Images via SWNS

TreeHugger is a big fan of creative repurposing and reuse, so the idea of a power-tool powered dragster intrigued. Yesterday's big race in Yeovil, Somerset, was won by Bolt Lightning, with 36 horsepower supplied by six gasoline powered circular saws, the type used for concrete cutting. Just a single one is obnoxiously loud and polluting; six going at once must be deafening.


The Bolt Lightning reached speeds of over forty miles per hour, competing against carts powered by leaf blowers and chain saws. Designer Barry Lee told the local newspaper:

"We knew there would be some really tough competition....but our kart is so radical and combines such an extraordinary mix of traditional ideas and cutting-edge sophisticated engineering that we were confident we had the edge."

Now what would REALLY be cutting edge is a dragster powered by electric rechargeable power tools. Someone should put up a prize for that.

It is an interesting example of what Charles Jencks called "adhocism"- "Basically it involves using an available system or dealing with an existing situation in a new way to solve a problem." More examples:
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