Downtown Tokyo Ready For Electric Cars

Last week the first battery stations were introduced in downtown Tokyo as the city gets ready for the introduction of new electric vehicles. Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has installed charging devices for electric cars in nine basement parking lots, including those under several office buildings, in the central financial district. It is the first time that "battery stations" for electric vehicles have been set up in basement parking areas.

While I prefer to ride the trains or my old trusted bicycle, it is fun to watch different countries and regions scramble to get the infrastructure in place to make the shift from fossil fuels. As pointed out previously on TreeHugger, Norway forecasts over 100 battery stations in place by the end of 2009 for its THINK car, and they also have a significant advantage for early electric car adopters - free charging and free parking.

The Tokyo project is a joint venture between TEPCO and the Otemachi Marunouchi Yurakucho District Redevelopment Project Council, offering "high-speed battery chargers that will enable a car to run for about 40 kilometers for every five minutes charged," according to The Mainichi. TEPCO is still suffering from the earthquake damage to its largest nuclear reactors in Kashiwazaki Kariwa, and recently wrote a letter of appreciation to all of us here in the capital region for saving electricity and helping to avoid shortages.

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(Photos from The Mainichi and The Japan Times)

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