Does the Airline Industry Recycle?


Last week, Sami took a close look at the airline industry and wrote about how they are aiming for zero emissions. In May, Warren covered Nature Air, a little fleet of seven planes that were working on alternative aviation fuels. We of course think this is great news here at TreeHugger but a recent blurb came out in Body + Soul magazine that we found to be, well, interesting.
"Did you know? A new study from the Natural Resources Defense Council reports that the United States airline industry throws away enough aluminum cans each year to build 58 new 747s."
So let us get this straight the airline industry is taking steps to cut their emissions yet at the same time can't recycle? We've seen them toss our cans in a trash bag as they collected our empty pretzel bags, but thought they'd maybe sort them at the end of the flight. Photo above (Boeing 747) courtesy of ::Boeing Study via ::Body + Soul

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