Do You Drive A Stickshift Or An Automatic? (Survey)

According to Consumer Reports, cars with manual transmissions are generally cheaper, have faster acceleration and get better fuel economy. According to Peter Cheney in the Globe and Mail, they are also a lot more fun to drive. Even though automatics are much better than they used to be,

The manual transmission still has a number of built-in advantages over even the best current automatics. The manual is lighter, simpler and more reliable. It costs less. If the battery dies, you can jump-start a manual car by pushing it. But the most important advantage is one that you must experience to appreciate – a manual transmission connects you with a car in a way that no automatic can.

All reasons to consider a stickshift to be a greener way to drive, yet only 6.5% of auto sales in the US are manual (and that is a big increase from previous years.)

I wonder if among TreeHugger readers, there is a higher percentage of stick drivers than that. To keep it simple, I have removed the answer "C'mon, this is TreeHugger, I ride a bike."

Do You Drive A Stickshift Or An Automatic? (Survey)
Cars with manual transmissions are cheaper, faster and get better fuel economy. So why don't more people drive them?

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