Do Electric Cars Still Suck? Fully Charged vs Cnet UK (Video)


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From checking out the Nemesis electric car, to exploring fast electric car charging, Robert Llewellyn has been an enthusiastic and outspoken advocate for electric cars. So when Rory Reid of cnet uk thoroughly trashed EVs, Robert invited him to have it out with him in person. This was the result...From the lack of charging facilities for inner city owners, to the age-old coal-burning car argument, Reid's10 Reasons Electric Cars Still Suck was a provocative and strongly worded attack. And while some of the points are solid (I can't argue with the fact they are expensive), Mr Llewellyn does a pretty good job of tackling many of Reid's most damaging points.

Most notably, Reid's on-paper calculations of running costs (he argues that a VW Blue Motion will be cheaper to run than a Nissan Leaf) don't seem to hold water in comparison to Llewellyn's real-world experience of driving a Mitsubishi i-Miev for more than 9000 miles. (Which he says has cost him a mere GBP100!)

Whatever side of the argument you fall on, it sure is nice to see folks who disagree vehemently still getting together for a civil, good natured debate. If only someone would have mentioned that cars, electric or otherwise, are just one part of the puzzle. Livable cities must come first.

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