DIY Electric Kawasaki Motorcycle

Electric Kawasaki Motorcycle

Awesome DIY Electric Motorcycle

"I bought an 8hp Briggs & Stratton ETEK motor used through Craigslist," said Benjamin Nelson. "Then I mounted the motor to the frame using the existing engine mounting holes and a piece of scrap aluminum plate. I found a sprocket and chain in the tractor repair isle of the farm store."

And Mr. Nelson even admits that he doesn't own any power tools other than a drill, doesn't know how to weld and only took one metal shop class in high school. But he loves to learn new things... Now that's the DIY ethic!

Electric Kawasaki Motorcycle

The electric motorcycle is now his primary mode of transportation. "If gas is three bucks a gallon, I can go 300 miles on that same amount of electricity. 300mpg isn't too bad for a motorcycle, is it?"

Range is 15 miles (25.5 kilometers), and top speed is around 40 mph (70 kph).

One of the benefits is noise: "It is dead quiet compared to a regular motorcycle. [...] I can actually hear birds singing. There is zero vibration from the engine."

::Build your own: Electric Kawasaki, via ::How to build your own electric Kawsaki

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Update: Honda and Yamaha to Make Electric Motorcycles in 2010-2011

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