DIY AeroCivic: It's Ugly, But it Gets 95 Miles Per Gallon


It won't win beauty prizes, but Mike Turner's modified 15 years old Civic beats the crap out of Honda's high-tech Civic hybrid when it comes to fuel efficiency. A member of, "an automotive community where performance is judged by fuel economy rather than power and speed", Mike achieved his impressive results with some radical (as you can see) modifications and efficient driving. The 95 MPG figure is what he typically gets when "driving at a constant speed from 30 to 65 mph on a flat road in 80 degree F temperatures with well broken-in tires." So it's not the average for all kinds of driving conditions, but still an excellent demonstration of the gains possible with aerodynamics improvements (the Aerocivic has a drag coefficient of 0.17).

Kudos to Mike! More photos after the jump.


View from the back.


SuperMID computer.


Another view of the car.

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