Dishonest Car Ads Cleverly Disguised As News

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(Image from MSN Japan)

There is something rotten in the car industry - the way they promote new models. Case in point: Treehugger wrote about the Mitsubishi Miev, a cool little car that has zero CO2 emissions (beacuse it is an electric car). That was back in September, 2007, and it was also displayed it in New York in early 2008. So I was surprised that news about this car is the leading story on Japan's MSN, the news website linked to What's new? Apparently, nothing. The occasion? They are announcing that they are going to show this car at the 79th Geneva Car Show in March, 2009.Well? Like other car shows, the Geneva Car Show is struggling to remain relevant. It has tried to become more green for a while (Greenpeace thought they failed last year). One feature this year is the "natural gas powered car" (they have 7000 of them on the roads of Swizerland, apparently - not a whole lot).

Natural gas-powered turbo engines are now available, boosting the efficiency and the ecological soundness of the clean fuels natural gas and biogas. At the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show (5 to 15 March, 2009), the Swiss Natural Gas Association will be at its usual location on the Gasmobil stand in hall 5, demonstrating a selection of the latest gas-powered vehicles. Particular attractions will be the first two VW and Opel models with 150 h.p. turbo engines, a Swedish prototype with a multi-fuel engine, and a convertible from Peugeot which is fitted as standard with a natural gas engine and has an efficiency category rating of A. There are now around 7000 gas-powered vehicles on the roads in Switzerland and the number of filling stations offering natural gas and biogas has grown to around 110.

But we disgress. The Mitsubishi "news" that MSN Japan headlines with today is not really telling Japanese readers anything new at all. The Miev has been touted for quite a while now. I find this all very dishonest: saying that it has zero CO2 emissions is fudging it a quite bit, as much of electricity here is produced by burning fossile fuels.

mitsubishi miev sport air news images

Maybe they just wanted to show off the fancy drawings, that are actually the best part of this article. Cars are so old news in 2009.

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