Die Moto - 130mph on Bio-Diesel

Made from a BMW motorbike and a BMW car engine mashed together, the DIE Moto emits 78% percent less net CO2 than a standard diesel engine and can hit 130mph. Who said being green had to mean not having fun? It will run on standard diesel, biodiesel, or straight vegetable oil (SVO).

The makers, an industrial-arts group in California, called the Crucible, are hoping to get it up to 160mph at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats next month, which would put it up there with the Tesla Roadster in any list of desirable-but-green transport options. It would also get it in the record books for the fastest diesel motorbike, an amazing feat considering that this is still a street-legal bike.

The bike has been designed to break records, but the team also hope that it will highlight how viable alternative fuels are becoming, "Designed and fabricated by a team of environmentally conscious vehicle enthusiasts, engineers and artisans, the Die Moto is out to prove the viability of alternative fuel technology in performance vehicles. As fuel efficiency and low emissions become increasingly important, diesel technology has responded with improved mileage and easy adaptation to biodiesel and SVO."::Pop-Sci via ::Gizmodo


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