Detroit Dirt and Ford do brilliant parody of Cadillac's ELR ad

Screen capture competing ads

When the Cadillac ELR ad came out,, showing a rich 1 percenter white male dude showing off everything he got by working so hard, including his fancy Cadillac, I was outraged and wrote How to market an electric car in America: Bash urbanism, walking, and the French.

The ad reinforces my view that an electric car doesn't change things much at all, it's just another way for rich people to get from their offices to their monster houses in splendid leather lined isolation. Cadillac is skillfully marketing its car to rich smug arrogant xenophobes... and attacking the French is always good business.

One of his complaints about the French:

Other countries, they work, they stroll home, they stroll by the café, they take August off. Off. Why aren't you like that? Why aren't we like that? Because we're crazy hard-working driven believers, that's why. Those other countries think we're nuts. Whatever.

However, the more watched it, the more I became convinced that it really was a subversive, tongue-in-cheek parody. But I digress.

Now Ford has hilariously piled on with an almost frame-by-frame clone, with a woman who sings a different tune. It's Pashon Murray, founder of Detroit Dirt.

Other countries, they work, they stroll to the market and buy locally grown food. Locally. Why aren't we like that? Well, more and more of us are like that. Because we're crazy entrepreneurs trying to make the world better. Some people might think we're nuts. Whatever.

She concludes, as she gets into her Ford C-Max plug-in hybrid: "You work hard, You believe anything is possible, and you try to make the world better."

In Autoblog Green, Pashon Murray explains that the ad, produced by Team Detroit, is " a parody on this commercial, but it's not saying Ford is better than GM," she said. "It's telling the story of a black woman who's working hard in Detroit."

Detroit Dirt now collects tons of food scraps from the two automakers and Murray said Detroit Dirt is hungry for more, and this ad figures to be a good way for her to get the word out. "The automotive industry is the bedrock of the country," she said, "and fuel-efficient cars are the future. It's a unique opportunity to be involved in the automotive industry."

Definitely a brilliant remake, N'est-ce pas?

Detroit Dirt and Ford do brilliant parody of Cadillac's ELR ad
If this is what advertisers do to promote electric and hybrid cars, I may just go buy a TV.

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