Detroit Auto Show 2009: Tesla Announces Deal with Daimler for Smart EV Batteries

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Smart EV Gets Smarter
Tesla Motors will supply the lithium-ion battery packs for the first 1,000 electric drive smart cars produced by Daimler in 2009 and 2010, said Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. If all goes well, the deal might even be renewed. What's most impressive about this is that Daimler has huge engineering resources, yet they decided that small start-up Tesla was better positioned to make the batteries.

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Battery Partnership: Daimler and Evonik
Daimler has a partnership with Evonik to develop advanced lithium-ion batteries, but they are obviously not far along enough to actually provide the power storage for the second generation smart ev themselves. Let's hope this isn't a bad sign for Mercedes' "grand plan" to eliminate fossil fuels from its lineup.

"Tesla delivered its first prototype to Daimler a year ago. The final version of Tesla’s battery, which will be built in California, is still under development. The companies have not announced pricing or terms of the deal."

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