Detroit Auto Show 2009: Smart Shows Electric Drive Fortwo

smart electric drive ed fortwo photo

Very Nice, But Won't Be on Market for a While
smart had the new fortwo electric drive on display at the Detroit Auto Show 2009. "At the end of 2009, smart will begin producing the smart fortwo electric drive equipped with a lithium-ion battery." But people in the US probably shouldn't hold their breath, because our sources tell us in might take until 2010-2011, and even then, numbers might be low.

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smart electric drive ed fortwo photo

According to Popular Mechanics (about the European version of the electric smart, which is the same as the one showed in Detroit):

Smart expects to have 100 of the battery cars in place in Berlin in the near future, and will continue growing the eMobility project to other urban areas over the coming months. According to Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, the goal is to have 1000 of the EDs in operation around the world by the end of 2009.

The company says "it is exploring opportunities for the US market."

The li-ion batteries will probably be supplied by Tesla Motors, giving the electric drive smart car a range of up to 150 miles, which sounds good for an urban commuter. This might not be able for the US market in the eyes of Daimler, though... We'll have to see.

Trivia: It seems like since the Paris 2008 Auto Show, smart has stopped calling the electric drive smart the "ED", which in Anglophone markets is an acronym for "Erectile Dysfunction".

smart cars piled up publicity photo

This last photo is of a promotional display outside of the Cobo convention center.

Photos: Michael Graham Richard
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