Detroit Auto Show 2009: Lexus Reveals Hybrid-Only 2010 HS 250h

Lexus hybrid HS 250h photo

Toyota's Second Hybrid-Only Model After the Prius

The Lexus HS 250h hybrid is a first: The first dedicated luxury hybrid (at least if you don't count the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid, which is nearing production). It will also be Toyota's second hybrid-only model after the Prius, and should be on sale this summer.

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Lexus hybrid HS 250h photo

Lexus 250h Hybrid Fuel Economy

From Lexus: "The HS 250h sedan's expected fuel efficiency will be more than 30-percent better than the most fuel-efficient model currently in the Lexus lineup, while earning a SULEV emissions rating utilizing regular 87-octane gasoline."

The company hasn't released the actualy EPA MPG numbers yet, but it said it would be better than the Smart, which in the USA is rated at 33 MPG (the diesel version, which gets much better fuel economy, isn't available there). We can probably expect something in the mid-30s, maybe 40 MPG.

Lexus hybrid HS 250h photo

A Slippery Lexus

Drag coefficient is 0.27, which is very good. The second generation Prius was very slippery at 0.26, and the third generation Prius gets 0.25.

"Airflow management over the exterior, below the under floor and through the air passages was extensively examined. A unique gull-wing-shaped roof-panel design reduces mass and overall vehicle height, thus reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency. The front spoiler, rear spoiler, rear under spoiler, and diffuser fins all reduce turbulence."

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