Detroit Auto Show 2009: Cadillac Converj Range-Extended Electric Concept

GM Cadillac Converj plug in concept car photo

The Volt has a Big Brother
For a car that won't be on the market for quite a while, the Chevy Volt sure is making waves. GM is already raising expectations through the roof by hailing it as the future of automotive transportation, and now at the Detroit Auto Show 2009 it is unveiling a Cadillac concept electric vehicle based on the Volt's powertrain (now called "Voltec").

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GM Cadillac Converj plug in concept car photo

Luxury Greenery?
The Converj concept seems to be kind of GM's Tesla. By that I mean that the goal is partly to make an electric car for the luxury market, but also to make this kind of powertrain desirable to those who only pay attention to design, comfort, and rubber-burning capabilities.

GM is now calling the Volt's drivetrain "Voltec", and that's what is powering the Converj. Bob Lutz said that the Voltec platform can accomodate a variety of sizes of batteries and electric motors, so it can be scaled up or down depending on the vehicle host.

GM Cadillac Converj plug in concept car photo

Bob Lutz also said that, in theory, since the Converj has an all-electric range of 40 miles, and since most Americans have a daily commute shorter than 40 miles, you could buy this car and never have to buy gasoline.

Cadillac Converj Technical Specifications
Battery: T-shaped, 16kWh (it would probably be good news for GM if A123 succeeded in mass-producing li-ion in the USA)
Electric Motor: 120kW of power, 273 lb.-ft. (370 Nm) of instant torque
Top speed: 100 MPH
Seats: 2+2
MPG: Unknown so far, but certainly very dependent on how many miles you drive per day on average (we need a standardized way to test plug-in hybrids).

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