Designers Repurpose Toyota Prius Technology In "Ideas for Good" Competition (Video)

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Earlier in the month, we pointed out the innovative ideas coming out of the Toyota Ideas for Good competition, including hacking a Prius into an energy-generating roller coaster car. Well, the winners for the competition have been announced and the creative ideas that repurpose Toyota technology are truly impressive. From better bike helmets to solar-powered ventilation for homes in developing countries, check out videos from each winning idea. This weekend, the winners will meet in Pittsburgh, PA to work with Deeplocal engineers and Carnegie Mellon University faculty and students to make their ideas into reality. Check out what smart ideas we have to look forward to:

Solar-Powered Ventilation System

Toyota's Solar Powered Ventilation System could be used to draw smoke from homes in developing areas that use open ovens for cooking, saving the lungs and lives of inhabitants.

Power Plant Gym

The regenerative breaking system from Prius could be built into a gym so that every movement of members, from bench presses to cycling could be used to power the facility.

Building Better Bike Helmets

The T.H.U.M.S. technology from Toyota could be repurposed to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of current bicycle helmet technology, and could help us design bike helmets that can better protect cyclists from head injuries.

Touch Tracer Computer Mouse, Keyboard & Monitor

This concept integrates Toyota's Touch Tracer technology into a computer mouse, computer keyboard, and monitor heads-up display.

Automated Firefighting Extension Ladder Guidance System

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The advanced parking guidance system found in the Prius could be used to more accurately and safely place fire engine ladders when visibility is limited.

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