Designer G-Wiz EV Celebrates Its Love Affair with London

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Image credit: GoinGreen

There was a time when the virus-like spread of the G-Wiz electric vehicle in London (known as the REVA elsewhere) was big news on TreeHugger. And while certain opinionated motoring journalists may have been less than complimentary about the G Wiz, there is no doubt that as an early pioneer of electrified transportation it has filled a niche market for urban emission-free private vehicles. But with London unveiling a comprehensive electric vehicle plan, and with new competition ranging from the the Nissan Leaf to the Tesla Roadster, what next for the diminutive little battery-powered runaround? More of the same, it looks like...Having already worked with award-winning designers Eley Kishimoto on a limited-edition G-Wiz, and later on another version with Ella Doran, GoinGreen—the London-based company that sells the G-Wiz, has built up a clear strategy based on creating a unique, funky, boutique image for the vehicle. It's a smart move, and one that they are clearly looking to extend with a new limited-edition vehicle that celebrates the G-Wiz's relationship with the city that has adopted it as its own.

Starting in December, GoinGreen will be selling a new limited-edition G-Wiz designed in collaboration with design collaborative containerPLUS. With a wrap that is described as a "unique, fantastical and surreal" celebration of the London skyline, and featuring alloy wheels, leather interior, DAB radio and Bluetooth, a two year warranty, a top speed of up to 50mph and a range of up to 48 miles, the new G-Wiz is definitely aimed at the fashionista market. But the price remains pretty low compared to other electric vehicles out there—£12,995 (about US$20,000). True, this thing won't get you too far outside the capital without needing to recharge, but clearly that's not the point.

GoinGreen seem to know their market, and they are happy to continue serving it.

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